[row][col type=”2_5″ class=””][slider fadespeed=”100″ play=”10000″ pause=”10000″ hoverpause=”true” autoheight=”true”][slide title=”Career Advice and Personal Development” text=”READ MORE” url=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=667″] Whether you are a recent graduate or an individual, who is looking at starting a new career or changing your career path, we are able to provide professional advice and services to help you get the “job of your dreams”. [/slide][slide title=”Executive Search and Recruitment” text=”READ MORE” url=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=755″]We can provide a wide range of scouting and recruitment services nationwide and internationally. Using our growing database of professionals from New Zealand and overseas, we are able to access a very large pool of quality professionals to fit your needs.[/slide][slide title=”Screening and Selection” text=”READ MORE” url=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=755″]We offer an in-depth screening and selection services. Using selection and recruitment programmes specifically designed for you and your needs incorporating various validated psychology and science concepts.[/slide][slide title=”Assessment and Evaluation” text=”LEARN MORE” url=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=643″]Whether you are looking for new talented individuals or willing to develop an existing talent among your employees and/or teams, we have a range of psychometric assessment tools to meet your needs to help you to achieve your goals.[/slide][slide title=”Organisational Development and Change Management” text=”LEARN MORE” url=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=789″]Whether it is to improve an overall organisational performance or smooth organisational functioning, we are able to assess and guide you through an organisational change and development.[/slide][/slider][/col][col type=”1_5″ class=””][frame src=”http://www.psyprobe.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MC9004393431.jpg” link=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=36″ target=”_self” width=”158″ height=”135″ alt=”Learn More About Us” align=”” prettyphoto=”false” wpcaption=”true”][/col][col type=”1_5″ class=””][frame src=”http://www.psyprobe.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MP9004421771.jpg” link=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=694 ” target=”_self” width=”158″ height=”135″ alt=”Meet Our Team” align=”” prettyphoto=”false” wpcaption=”true”][/col][col type=”1_5″ class=””][frame src=”http://www.psyprobe.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MC9004392571.jpg” link=”http://www.psyprobe.com/?page_id=21″ target=”_self” width=”158″ height=”135″ alt=”Contact Us Now!” align=”” prettyphoto=”false” wpcaption=”true”][/col][/row][clear type=”clear”][divider type=”space”][twitter_newsline items=”5″ title=”Latest News” username=”themefuse”][divider type=”space”][latest_cases items=”1″]

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